XMPP Server


Activated modules on the server:
Module Feature XEP
mod_adhoc Ad-Hoc Commands 0050
mod_announce Manage announcements
mod_block_strangers Block packets from non-subscribers
mod_blocking Simple Communications Blocking 0191
mod_caps Entity Capabilities 0115
mod_carboncopy Message Carbons 0280
mod_client_state Filter stanzas for inactive clients
mod_disco Service Discovery 0030
mod_bosh BOSH and XMPP over BOSH 0124 and 0206
mod_http_fileserver Small HTTP file server
mod_http_upload HTTP File Upload 0360
mod_http_upload_quota HTTP File Upload Quotas
mod_last Last Activity 0012
mod_mam Message Archive Management 0313
mod_muc Multi-User Chat 0045
mod_muc_admin Administrative commands for Multi-User Chat
mod_muc_log Multi-User Chat room logging
mod_offline Offline message storage 0160
mod_ping XMPP Ping and periodic keepalives 0199
mod_pres_counter Detect presence subscription flood
mod_privacy Blocking Communication 0016
mod_private Private XML Storage 0049
mod_pubsub Pub-Sub and PEP 0060 and 0163
mod_roster Roster management (XMPP IM)
mod_vcard_xupdate vCard-Based Avatars 0153